Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Go Ahead and Dance

This poem was inspired by the use of the Funky Bones sculpture in John Green’s young adult novel, The Fault in Our Stars.

"Go ahead and dance"
~Wayne Earl

Go ahead and dance upon these bones
crushing them as nothing beneath your feet
speaking banal absurdities, roaring about
how you are the exception to such an end
how you will escape, now quick and light, both snare and fowler

Go ahead and glide over these relics
smoothing bone to dust under your press
snortling froth and foam, ranting about
how you will be spared the same fate
how you will escape, now strong and alive, without 'so much a singe'

Go ahead and bow before these dead
blessing the stone that does not move
feeling heat nor pulse, whispering about
how you will entomb a side-place there
how you must embrace, now bloated and spent, this playground for others



  1. Hi Wayne, my name is Laura and I am a fan of Esther.
    I was reading "this star won't go out" and this makes me thinking about the life..
    Esther had so many problems and she was always happy and so strong, she is a true star and you and your family deserve the best, for caring about her, and giving her so many reasons to smile! I'm sure she had the best parents!
    I know is impossible, but if you read this someday, send me an e-mail, I will be very grateful (my e-mail is lauracaniff@hotmail.com)
    Thank you so much, I learned so many precious thing about life with that book!

    Always a fan
    obs: I am fan of all the family


  2. Guys, please post more thing in this blog, I love your words, your words make me be more motivated!!!!!!!!!